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TV smart card

TV smart card
Product Detailed
Intron 32256UR Secure Micro Controller

Intron 32256UR is designed to act as a controller for information security application: Pay TV card with RSA,Banking card,USB key.

FeaturesFeatures of 32256UR:• C•CORE CS320 processor:– 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture– Low power and high performance– Followings are the secure features of CS320 compared with C310:Integrate the MPU (memory protection unit) module with the CS320The MPU providing eight superuser programmable regions with flexibleaccess attribute, data and address cryption features, as well as two fixedregeions.Support memory or peripheral access controlIt can be enabled or closed by the superuser• Interrupt controller:– Up to 16 interrupt sources– 16 unique programmable priority levels for each interrupt source– Independent enable/disable of pending interrupts based on priority level– Normal or fast interrupt request for each priority level– Fast interrupt requests always have priority over normal interrupts

– Ability to mask interrupts at and below a defined priority level– Ability to select between autovectored or vectored interrupt requests– Vectored interrupts generated based on priority level– Ability to generate a separate vector number for normal and fastinterrupts– Ability for software to self-schedule interrupts– Software visibility of pending interrupts and interrupt signals to core– Asynchronous operation to support wakeup from low-power modes• External interrupts supported(EPORT) :– Rising/falling edge select– Low-level sensitive– Ability for software generation of external interrupt event– Interrupt pins configurable as general-purpose I/O• Two periodic interval timer:– 16-bit counter with modulus "initial count" register– Selectable as free running or count down– 16 selectable prescalers — 20 to 215• Watchdog timer:– 16-bit counter with modulus "initial count" register– Pause option for low-power modes• Reset:– Separate reset in and reset out signals– Six sources of reset:Internal Power-on resetexternal reset (lpc reset)Software 

Watchdog timerPower Attack Detect Reset– Status flag indicates source of last reset• Memory Integration Module:– Four Chip Select channel, two for embedded Flash, another two forexternal SRAM,ROM, FLASH and memory mapped peripherals Securitylock support– Support for swap and bootload modes– Bidirectional data bus with wide 32-bit and narrow 16-bit modes– 21-bits address bus– Bus monitor• General-purpose input/output (GPIO):– Up to 32 bits of GPIO– Bit manipulation supported via set/clear functions– 4 unused external interrupt pins can be used as extra GPIO.• ISO7816 module– can be configured to UART interface or 7816 interface– ISO-7816 interface, up to 115.2Kbps• LPC interface, 33MHz– support LPC I/O.• Clock generator– USB Mode: external oscillator -> PLL > system– LPC mode: PCI LCLK(external CLK) > system clock– 7816 mode: external CLK -> PLL ->system clock; or external CLK ->system_clock• Secure Features– internal power on reset– voltage detector– frenquency detector– data encryption

– clock and reset pulse filtration– safe optimized routing– unique serial number• Power– less than 300mw 3.3v@100Mhz– support low power mode– operating voltage:3.0v ~3.6v; used for usb application.2.7v~5.5V; It is only used for smart card application.– ESD protection : over 4000v• On-chip, 10 Kbytes of static random-access memory (SRAM):– Single cycle byte, half-word (16-bit), and word (32-bit) reads and writes• On-chip, 256K Byte flash– 128 byte sectors• USB1.1 controller, 12Mbps full speed mode– USB 1.1 Compliant with on-chip integrated PHY module– Certified for Full Speed– Supports three transmit/receive endpoints: one for control transfers andtwo for bulk transfers– Maximum 64 B yte TX/RX Data FIFO• USB1.1 PHY– Operation voltage: 3.0 ~3.3v– Transmitter– Differential receiver– Single-ended receiver• RSA/ECC coprocessor– public-key cryptography, support 2048 bits key– 30 op/s@60Mhz for RSA-1024– 5 op/s@50Mhz for RSA-2048– 18 op/s for ECC-192– 15mW@@60MHZ

• DES coprocessor– DES/3DES Encryption and Decryption engine– support DES3, DES2 key and 3 key algorithm– optimized data transfer: 10Mbps@20Mhz for 3DES– power of 3DES module: 12mW@@60Mhz• TRNG( random number generator)– rate: 2Mbps– meet FIPS140• PLL– input clock frequency 1-20Mhz.– output clock frenquency: 20~100MHz• Voltage Regulator– Reference voltage: 1.15v(MIN), 1.22v(TYP), 1.25v(MAX)– Regulator output:2.25v(MIN), 2.5v(TYP), 2.75v(MAX)• Voltage Detector– Detect VCC range:2.8v ~3.8v for usb application; LV:2.7(MIN),2.8(TYP),2.9(MAX). HV:3.7(MIN), 3.8(TYP), 3.9(MAX).– Detect VCC range:2.5-6.2v for IC card application;LV:2.3(MIN),2.5(TYP), 2.7(MAX). HV:5.75(MIN), 6.2(TYP), 6.65(MAX).• Frenquency Detector– Detector frenquency range: FL:400KHz(MIN), 500KHz(TYP),600KHZ(MAX); FH: 6.4MHZ(MIN), 8MHZTYP, 9.6MHz(MAX)– Response Time: OUTL:200us(MAX); OUTH20us(MAX)• Power on Reset– RSTB pulse width:50us (MIN)

TV smart card

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